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Thermi Smooth Face

About Thermi Smooth Face

Thermi Smooth Face is a non-invasive radiofrequency based skin treatment that delivers controlled heat to your various layers of skin and tissue. The heating causes stimulation of new collagen. With each treatment, there is an immediate tightening effect with the heating itself, and a long-lasting effect of stimulating new collagen and elastin supportive tissues. The overall result is tightening and smoothing of the skin in the treated areas. The most commonly treated areas on the face are around the eyes and around the mouth, for smoother, tighter and more lifted skin

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Perfect For: Wrinkles/loose skin around the eyes or mouth, sagging eyelids, other facial wrinkles 

Procedure Time: 30-60 min

Recovery Type & Time: None

Results: 9-12 months

Price: $$


How it works

You’ll have a series (usually 4-6) of treatments that are 2-7 days apart. For each Thermi treatment at Steele Dermatology, we’ll apply a warm gel to the area to be treated, and our esthetician will continuously glide the Thermi wand in a circular motion around the area treated. It feels like a warm stone massage. The optimal zone for stimulating new collagen production is actually warm, but not hot, so you’ll be completely comfortable during treatment. You will see an immediate tightening result, which is exciting and a preview of the long term results you will get.

What does the recovery entail?

Really, there isn’t any downtime to the procedure. As mentioned before, the solution that is injected is mostly water and the ultimate result comes from the body creating the collagen in the weeks after treatment. You can return to normal daily activities including wearing makeup, working out, etc.

What type of follow up or maintenance is needed?

Your skin will continue to age and you will continue to lose collagen as a normal part of aging. Thermi sets the hands of the clock backward, but time will move forward again. You’ll probably want to do some single maintenance treatments after 9 – 12 months to maintain the best results.  






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