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loose, sagging skin

What is loose, sagging skin?

As you get older, loose, sagging skin is inevitable. Your skin gets looser, more crepey, and begins to sag 🙁 In areas with thicker skin (like the cheeks or buttocks), it looks more like jowls or sagging.  In areas of thinner skin (like the eyelids, neck, above the knees, and above the elbows, arms), it can look more like wrinkled, crinkly, or crepey skin. 

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What causes loose, sagging skin?

Young skin is blessed with thick layers of collagen, elastin, and even fat that creates a smooth, supple and tight appearance. As you get into your 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond, you progressively lose collagen, elastin, and fat in the skin. As result, your skin gets thinner and falls, folds, wrinkles more easily. Although part of this process is inevitable with aging, hormonal changes, environmental toxins, stressors, and sun damage/UV radiation can definitely accelerate the process.

Where do you get loose, sagging skin?

All skin gets looser and more saggy as you age – from the face to the legs. While the face may be the most obvious area of sun exposed skin, areas like the chest, arms, neck, and legs get a lot of sun over the years, especially if you live in a warmer climate, and are less effectively and consistently protected by sunscreen, makeup, or clothing. You may very well notice wrinkled and sagging skin from the aging process on the abdomen, chest, above the knees and above the elbows, on the arms and buttocks.

How do we treat loose, sagging skin?

Collagen/elastin preserving and stimulating treatments and products that ultimately lead to skin tightening. At any age, you want to use products with retinoids, growth factors, antioxidants, and peptides. They will help your skin continually generate new, healthy collagen, elastin and skin cells. As you grow older into your 30’s, 40’s and above, you will lose even more healthy skin cells at a faster rate, and it will be time for proceed to skin tightening procedures that use energy to jumpstart your skin cells to make healthier, more supple and tighter skin with new collagen and elastin.



Ultherapy is an in-office procedure FDA approved to lift and tighten the skin. It uses ultrasound energy to stimulate the tissues to make new collagen and importantly, elastic tissue to lift and tighten, especially along the jawline, cheeks, chest, or areas of the body. The treatment creates natural and long-lasting significant improvements because it causes your body to make it’s own collagen and elastic tissue.

Thermi Tight

Thermi Tight

ThermiTight is a minimally invasive radiofrequency based treatment specifically designed to tighten loose skin almost anywhere on the body. The area is numbed with a numbing solution that is infused first then the ThermiTight probe is passed under the skin to deliver the energy directly to the targeted layers of skin.

Thermi Smooth Body

Thermi Smooth

ThermiSmooth is a non-invasive radiofrequency based treatment that smooths and tightens skin on the face and body. Over the course of several treatments the skin becomes tighter and smoother as you develop new collagen and elastic tissues. Treatments are delivered anywhere from a few days to a few weeks apart for best results.



Microneedling is an office procedure where tiny needles puncture the skin in a repeated and controlled manner. The needles spark the natural healing process in the skin, to make new fresh skin and repair scars and damaged skin. Numbing is required prior to the procedure to ensure proper depth of penetration is achieved for maximum results.

Laser Genesis Skin Toning

Laser Skin Toning – Laser Genesis

Laser Skin Toning with Laser Genesis is a lunchtime laser treatment that helps make your skin tone and texture better over several treatments. It delivers moderately aggressive energy to the skin to stimulate collagen production and improvement in skin texture over time. It is perfect for irregular skin texture, enlarged pores, discoloration or just skin maintenance.

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